Obsessed Garage – Mastering the Craft of PPF

Thank you to Obsessed Garage for making this video and making us look good.    Enjoyed the opportunity working on the E92 M3.

2020 C8 Corvette In for Paint Protection and Window Tint

After much anticipation, we got our hands on a new fully loaded 2020 C8 Corvette.  Since the C8 was early production, it received the carbon fiber lower splitter and side skirts that are not offered anymore.  Hopefully, GM will produce another set soon, as we really like the look of carbon panels. This C8 will […]

XPEL Stealth PPF vs Vinyl Wrap: Which One Should I Get?

Our recent happy clients are owners of a 2018 Lamborghini Hurucan Performante and a 2020 Lamborghini Urus.  Both vehicles wanted a stealthy matte finish. Xpel Stealth PPF not only protects your car’s painted surfaces from bug acids and road debris but also gives it a matte finish.  For instance, if your color is gloss grey, the Xpel […]

RAUH-Welt Porsche 964

We had the opportunity to work on a car that you don’t see too often. This Porsche 964 has the RAUH-Welt wide body kit along with many other modifications. The customer wanted us to protect as much of the newly repainted car as possible but there are not any kits for this because of the […]

Tire vs. Lamborghini With Paint Protection

This is what happened when our customer hit a blown semi tire on the highway in his Lamborghini Huracan. Luckily we previously covered the entire car in Suntek Paint Protection Film. As you can see the tire made significant damage to the film including black rubber marks and also a small dent in the door. […]

Lamborghini Huracan Full Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film

This customer not only wanted full paint protection of his Huracan but he wanted to change the paint from gloss metallic white to matte white. We achieved this look by applying Xpel Stealth Paint Protection film the entire outside of the car. This is the same high quality Xpel film as the Ultimate but is […]

1600 HP Corvette Full Car Paint Protection Film

One of our customers brought us his custom 2016 Corvette Z06 with 1600 HP to get the entire car wrapped in Paint Protection Film. Needless to say, this thing was a monster! This customer wanted a show quality finish and for the film to be as completely invisible as possible. So we wrapped all the […]

Heat Blocking Window Tint

If you live in Florida, I’m sure there has been a time you got into your car after a long hot day and actually felt like you stepped into a sauna. Ever burned your hand trying to put on your seat belt before? Well fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way! The best way […]

The APG Difference

Not all paint protection film installers are the same. There are many factors and qualities that set us apart from the competition and I believe this shows in our work. We have been installing paint protection film for over 15 years and we strive to keep the same consistent quality of work for every car. […]

Mclaren P1

This beautiful Mclaren P1 received Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film on the full front of the vehicle along with the rocker panels. We used the same preparation before applying the film to this car as we do with every car: We carefully wash the areas where we are going to be applying film, clay bar […]

Tesla Full Front Paint Protection

Tesla 85D Full Package This Tesla owner wanted nothing but the best for their new Model S 85D! They brought their brand new car in to have a dent removed using paintless dent repair, get a full paint correction, ceramic coating, full front clear bra, and full 3M Crystalline Window film. Needless to say, this […]

Lexus RCF

We recently covered this entire Lexus RCF with Paint Protection Film including the roof, rear bumper and doors. An entire car coverage like this takes a couple days to complete to be sure that all the pieces are installed correctly and that the edges are completely dried and adhered. This customer no longer has to […]

Porsche Cayman GT4

We have had several Cayman GT4s in recently, most of which have gotten the full front and track package. I wanted to take a second to explain and show you what exactly this package is and why it is beneficial if you are going to be tracking your vehicle. We start by covering the front bumper […]

2015 Plum Crazy SRT Challenger Hellcat

This Challenger SRT Hellcat originally came in for just a clear bra installation. However, once it arrived, it was quite obvious it needed a lot of work to make it look like a brand new car should. There were long scratches down almost the entire length of the front fenders and the entire car had […]

Porsche 918

Porsche 918 Spyder We had the pleasure of being able to install full car Xpel paint protection film and apply C.Quartz Finest ceramic coating on this Porsche 918 last week. Once the ‘wow’ factor settled we were able to go to work on this amazing machine. The install took us 3 days to complete but […]

Installing ‘Stealthy’ Protection

Blending seamlessly with wrapped edges, the Stealth film adds the protection you need against rock chips, bugs, and sun fading without adding gloss and shine to the vehicle. The biggest advantage to applying Stealth film instead of matte vinyl wrap is the level of protection it provides. Where vinyl wrap is only a mere 2mils thick and […]

2015 BMW M4 Gets Full Protected by Auto Paint Guard in Tampa FL

We had the opportunity to work on this new BMW M4.  Customer dropped vehicle off for several days to get the following completed. Paint Protection Film:After discussions and weighing all of the pros and cons between brands of films we decided to install Xpel Ultimate paint protection film over this entire BMW M4.  The Xpel […]

Tesla Entire Car Wrap, 3M Crystalline and Opti-Coat Pro

We recently protected two entire Tesla P85D.  The more we got to put our hands on these electric machines, the more we were amazed how well these vehicles are built.  You know they are quick when they have a mode that says “insane”. First step was to wash the entire vehicle with a mild soap […]

Now Offering Invisible Windshield Protection – Tampa FL

Auto Paint Guard is now offering a 4 Mil thick clear windshield protection film.  This 4 mil clear film is very durable which keeps your windshield from chipping, sand blasting or cracking.  Same product that the race cars use during a racing season.   Now you can drive your vehicle with out getting the annoying […]