Not all paint protection film installers are the same. There are many factors and qualities that set us apart from the competition and I believe this shows in our work. We have been installing paint protection film for over 15 years and we strive to keep the same consistent quality of work for every car. We treat every car the same; whether it is a Maxima or a Mclaren we do not discriminate! All you have to do is take a look at some of our competitors work and the APG difference will be clear! You may find a lower price, but I promise the quality of work will not be the same.
Here are some pictures of the competitions work vs. our work…

Below are two pictures of film on the mirrors. The first is the competitions, on the second is after we removed the film and reinstalled it the correct way. Look at the difference in the gap between the film and the edge of the mirror.


Next is a corner of the fender above the headlight… The first picture is where the previous installer failed to wrap edges or even align the edge correctly at the bottom of the corner. The second is our work. We wrap all edges that we can, this creates a seamless install and also help the film from lifting down the road. Which would you prefer on your car?


Here again you can see the previous installer did not wrap edges where he could have between the light and the fender. The template he used also did not completely cover all the way down the fender piece.


This is what happens when you don’t wrap the film to the inside of the wheel well. The discoloration in this area in the first picture is dirt and pitting from rocks that the tires kick up. On the right is how it should look with wrapped edges and no seams.


Here are some other pictures of areas we found that needed to be fixed. Look for the edges that have started to peel up.


Here at Auto Paint Guard we like to install our work correctly the first time, so that the customer does not have to have it redone by us or another installer. We would love to show you our work anytime you want to stop by the shop or answer any of your questions about our product or installation process. We are your paint protection film specialists and this is the APG Difference.

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