Porsche 918 Spyder

We had the pleasure of being able to install full car Xpel paint protection film and apply C.Quartz Finest ceramic coating on this Porsche 918 last week. Once the ‘wow’ factor settled we were able to go to work on this amazing machine.

The install took us 3 days to complete but the end result was nothing less than perfection. We took extreme care to be sure no paint was harmed or scratched (as we do for every car) during the installation process. Ryan, Trevor and Justin worked together piece by piece to make sure we got an exact fit on the Porsche. The extreme curves on the hood and rear fenders were not friendly to us, however with Ryan’s expertise and Justin and Trevor’s help they were able to conquer these pieces and make them fit seamlessly.

The customer was extremely happy with the finished product and they were relieved they no longer had to worry about rock chips, bugs and sun damaging his car. Though full car coverage can be pricey, its the best way to keep your cars paint looking brand new for years down the road. Xpel Ultimate is our #1 selling film and their templates are the best fitting of any brand. Xpel is also our most well rounded film, its extremely durable yet is very clear and has little orange peel. Check out some of the pictures of the installation process below!

Ryan installing Xpel film on the front bumper .


Trevor working on the right rocker panel.


These were some of the Xpel templates used on the 918:

This beautiful car was challenging, yet a pleasure to work on! Its not everyday you see such a rare car, much less get to work on it. We love installing paint protection kits on cars like this, but we also install kits on regular cars too! We love Honda’s, Toyota’s, Kia’s, whatever you have! Give us a call or stop by our shop for a quote anytime!

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