Windshield Protection Film

Protect Your Windshield with Auto Paint Guard's ClearPlex® Windshield Protection Film

At Auto Paint Guard in Tampa, FL, we understand the frustration of dealing with rock chips and damage to your windshield caused by everyday driving. That’s why we proudly offer ClearPlex®, a 4-Mil windshield protection film manufactured by Madico®, to keep your windshield safe and sound. With ClearPlex®, you can enjoy a crystal-clear view while shielding your windshield from sandblasting and rock chips, whether you’re driving on the street or hitting the race track.

Benefits of Madico’s ClearPlex®

Preserve Your Windshield with Auto
Paint Guard's Superior Protection Film

At Auto Paint Guard, we specialize in providing unmatched protection for your windshield with our industry-leading Windshield Protection Film. With our expertise, precision installations, and top-quality products, we are the optimal choice for safeguarding your windshield in Tampa, FL.  Our highly skilled technicians only utilize the advanced ClearPlex® ensuring optimal clarity, impact absorption, and defense against rock chips and pitting to keep your windshield intact, maintain its pristine condition, and enhance your driving experience. Contact us today and shield your windshield with Auto Paint Guard’s superior protection film.

Windshield Protection Prices

  • 36″ Wide Windshields: $500
  • 48″ Wide Windshields: $600
  • Nano Ceramic Windshields $700

Our installation process is efficient and hassle-free, typically completed within a day, allowing you to get back on the road with your protected windshield as soon as possible.

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