Windshield Film Services

Auto Paint Guard teamed up with Nushine of Tampa in 2009 for all windshield protection services.  Nushine of Tampa has been installing window tint films and windshield protection film since 1987. With 28 years of experience and knowledge under our belt, we offer our customers the best window film for each application.

Using the industry leader, ClearPlex by Madico, Auto Paint Guard clients can rest assured their windshield is protected and remains without distortion.

ClearPlex is a 4-Mil windshield protection film manufactured by Madico.  This product will protect your windshield from getting sand blasted and chipped from every day driving on the street or race track.   The film is optically clear and also blocks out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  



Benefits of Madico’s ClearPlex®

Windshield Protection Prices

With proper care of film cleaning and waxing, you can expect to have two years of protection on a daily driven car.  Film can be simply removed with ease.  Click here for more information

Installation Time 1 Day
36” Wide Windshields – $450
48” Wide Windshields – $550