This customer not only wanted full paint protection of his Huracan but he wanted to change the paint from gloss metallic white to matte white. We achieved this look by applying Xpel Stealth Paint Protection film the entire outside of the car.
This is the same high quality Xpel film as the Ultimate but is a clear matte. This changed the appearance of the paint from gloss to a satin matte color while still protecting the car from rock chips and love bugs.

The installation process of Stealth film is longer than normal film because we have to make sure to wrap every edge as much as possible to hide the gloss finish of the paint. If this is not performed correctly you will have seams that show the gloss paint through and this can look tacky and cheaply done. We make sure to take our time to be sure the film is installed correctly the first time. Our goal is to install it so well that people think it is actually paint and not a film.

Choosing Xpel Stealth film instead of going with a vinyl wrap has many advantages. Although vinyl is cheaper, Xpel Stealth is 4 times thicker than vinyl and is actually designed to protect your paint. Vinyl will not stop rock chips from getting to your paint.

Check out the pictures post install below!

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