After much anticipation, we got our hands on a new fully loaded 2020 C8 Corvette.  Since the C8 was early production, it received the carbon fiber lower splitter and side skirts that are not offered anymore.  Hopefully, GM will produce another set soon, as we really like the look of carbon panels.

This C8 will be driven hard both on and off the track, so we went with our popular “Track Package” for protection.  This includes full front, lights, mirrors, pillars, leading edge of roof, full rockers with custom side carbon sections, black tunnel sections and behind rear wheels.  We used the Xpel templates with 8 mil Xpel Ultimate on the majority of panels and upgraded to Xpel 10 mil on the rockers since it is a high impact area behind the front tires.

A lot of customers ask whether or not to cover stripes.  Yes, we typically cover them.  If you go over the stripes, the film creates an air gap.  To remove the air gap, we carefully trim out 1/8” of film along the edge of the stripe for a smooth transition.

After the paint protection film was installed, we also tinted the vehicle with Xpel Prime Plus for maximum heat rejection.  The shade we chose was 30% which allows perfect visibility looking in and out of the car.

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Auto Paint Guard Inc.

Below are the Xpel templates that we used and then modify to wrap edges.

Enjoy the pictures:

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