This Challenger SRT Hellcat originally came in for just a clear bra installation. However, once it arrived, it was quite obvious it needed a lot of work to make it look like a brand new car should. There were long scratches down almost the entire length of the front fenders and the entire car had some sort of over-spray on it, causing the paint finish to look extremely dull. After many hours of polishing, we were able to make this Plum Crazy Hellcat look better than it rolled off the assembly line! We also protected the entire front end with XPEL Ultimate paint protection film and coated the entire car with our most exclusive ceramic paint coating, Cquartz Finest!

Pre-Inspection & Paint Correction

One of the biggest issues with the car was the amount of overspray on the paint. This was causing the car to have a very dull paint finish.

A Closer Look.


The results after the Paint Correction. The metallic flake is now popping and the paint look crystal clear!


Here you can see some scratches in the top of the front bumper.


After Paint Correction.


Scratches Along The Entire Length of The Passenger Fender.


After Paint Correction


Scratches on driver fender.


After Paint Correction.


A larger scratch on the rear quarter panel.


After Paint Correction.


Chemical Staining on trunk lid.


After Paint Correction.


Not a single imperfection is left!


Paint Protection Film:





This particular car has the factory matte black hood option, so we covered it with Xpel Stealth to retain the matte finish and protect it at the same time. All edges are wrapped for the best appearance.


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