If you live in Florida, I’m sure there has been a time you got into your car after a long hot day and actually felt like you stepped into a sauna. Ever burned your hand trying to put on your seat belt before?

Well fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way! The best way to keep the heat out and keep your car cool is to install a quality window film that is designed for that reason.

We offer two different films that serve this purpose. These films are Suntek Carbon CXP Ceramic, and 3m Crystalline.

Suntek Carbon CXP Ceramic Window Film blocks 44-56% Solar Energy & has 99% UV Rejection.

Not enough heat blockage for you? Step it up a notch to the best heat blocking film on the market, 3M Crystalline.

3M Crystalline not only blocks 50-56% of Solar Energy and has a 99% UV Rejection Rate, but it also blocks 97% of Infrared Heat (which is the heat you actually feel from the sun). The combination makes this film the best money can buy to keep your car cool.


Here are some examples of the different shade options for each type of film:

As you can see, especially in the lighter Crystalline Films, the tint has a slight bluish hue to it. The CXP Ceramic Series is more of a black or dark grey shade.

3M Crystalline 40


3M Crystalline 40


3M Crystalline 70


3M Crystalline 70


3M Crystalline 70


2 Front Windows are Suntek CXP Ceramic 35


2 Front Windows are Suntek CXP Ceramic 35, Back Windows are Factory Smoked Glass


3M Crystalline 90 Including Windshield


3M Crystalline 90 Including Windshield



Pricing for the different films are as follows.

Suntek Ceramic film – $275.00

Suntek Ceramic windshield – $125.00

Suntek Ceramic Panoramic Roof $125.00


3M Crystalline – $600.00

3M Crystalline Windshield – $250.00

3M Crystalline Panoramic Roof – $250.00

If purchase all we can discounted to $1000.00


Call us if you have any questions on the different window films we offer or to schedule an appointment! 813-505-3868

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