One of our customers brought us his custom 2016 Corvette Z06 with 1600 HP to get the entire car wrapped in Paint Protection Film. Needless to say, this thing was a monster! This customer wanted a show quality finish and for the film to be as completely invisible as possible. So we wrapped all the edges so their were no seams anywhere making the film difficult to spot.
Our detailers polished it beforehand and applied a ceramic coating to make cleaning maintenance a breeze.


Check out some pictures of the install and the finished product!

We remove the emblems to be able to apply the film behind it so that there is no seam around it. The emblems are then reapplied to there original locations. This is a simple yet important process to making the clear bra truly invisible. The details matter!

Here Ryan is aligning the film with the edge of the vehicle before tacking it down into place. You can just barely see that the edge pointing toward the trunk area of the vehicle is hanging over, this is so we can wrap it down and create a seamless install.

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