We have had several Cayman GT4s in recently, most of which have gotten the full front and track package. I wanted to take a second to explain and show you what exactly this package is and why it is beneficial if you are going to be tracking your vehicle. We start by covering the front bumper with Clearshield Pro Film; this is our toughest film that is the least likely to puncture or tear and is very clear with little orange peel. It holds up the best against track debris, rubber and gravel.

Typically, most customers just want the front of their vehicle covered in paint protection film to protect from bugs, rock chips etc. But what they forget to consider is the rock chips and road debris that fly up from their own tires while driving. To prevent this (especially if you are tracking the car) we suggest covering the full rocker panels of the vehicle in Clearshield Pro film. We also apply a piece of film behind the rear wheels as this is a spot that takes heavy abuse from the tires, especially when on the track. These are the areas in red below:


Ryan and Trevor finishing up the final details on this GT4 before it gets returned to the customer and is ready for the track!


Here you can see the edge before we wrap it underneath the hood so that there is no seam and the clear bra is virtually invisible.

Applying paint protection film to the front of your vehicle is always a smart move, however if you want to enjoy your car on the track where it belongs, we highly consider getting the rocker panels with track package done as well. Give yourself peace of mind with your paint so you can focus more on driving! Call us for a quote or stop by our shop and check out our work in person!

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