Our recent happy clients are owners of a 2018 Lamborghini Hurucan Performante and a 2020 Lamborghini Urus.  Both vehicles wanted a stealthy matte finish. Xpel Stealth PPF not only protects your car’s painted surfaces from bug acids and road debris but also gives it a matte finish.  For instance, if your color is gloss grey, the Xpel Stealth PPF will make it look matte grey.

We receive many questions from customers unable to choose from vinyl or matte films.  Below are some differences to help make the decision easier for you.


Xpel Stealth PPF:

Pros:  8 mil of protection against rocks, sand, scratches and other debris.   5+ years of longevity in the Florida sun. Smooth finish that transforms the current color to a matte finish.

Negatives:  Since the film is thick to provide protection, it limits some of the edges we can wrap.  However, we always do our best to wrap every edge possible. The cost is typically double compared to vinyl.

Vinyl Wraps:

Pros:  Vinyl is 2 mil thick which allows an installer to wrap all edges, making the vinyl look like a factory painted car.  Cost is typically half the price of a Stealth PPF wrap. With Vinyl, you can also pick any color.

Negatives:  Limited protection.  Typically, vinyl in Florida lasts about 2-3 years and requires more maintenance.

If interested in getting your car protected with Xpel Stealth, stop by and we can put a sample piece on your car to see the possibilities.

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