This beautiful Mclaren P1 received Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film on the full front of the vehicle along with the rocker panels. We used the same preparation before applying the film to this car as we do with every car: We carefully wash the areas where we are going to be applying film, clay bar the area to remove any micro debris and get the paint completely smooth, and then use a pre-installation spray wax that allows easy application and removal later down the road. We actually did a double layer of film on the areas of the rocker panels that sit right behind the front wheels because of how exposed they were to receiving damage from road debris and gravel from the tires. We wrapped all the edges possible for a clean install and to prevent the film from lifting down the road.
Our detail specialists washed and covered the vehicle with a high quality wax-like sealant that helped increase the shine and creates a hydrophobic layer to bead off water and help prevent water spots.

Check out some of out pictures of the finished install below:

Here you can see how vulnerable the rocker panels are to damage from the front tires.

The headlights were covered with film as well.

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