The Auto Paint Guard Team

Ryan Burroughs
Owner / Installer

Ryan Burroughs is the Owner and President of Auto Paint Guard. After graduating USF business school in 2000, he purchased a new car and wanted to protect the vehicle with a new product called paint protection film. In the pursuit of a perfect installation, he attended Xpel training in Texas. The rest is history. 20 years later he has installed thousands of protection kits on vehicles throughout Tampa Bay and the US. His reputation for the pursuit of a perfect installation is why his customers return whenever they purchase a new vehicle.

On a personal note, Ryan has been married to his supportive wife for 20 years and has a five year old son. When he is not at work, he enjoys camping with his family and being outdoors. Other hobbies include racing mountain bikes, racing cars at Sebring and Daytona and having a smooth glass of bourbon at night.

Yvette Shay
Operations Manager

Yvette joined Auto Paint Guard in 2011 and she oversees all aspects of the business operations to ensure all runs smoothly. She enjoys all outdoor activities. When not at work, Yvette spends her days with her husband and two children shopping, biking, rollerblading and going to the beach.

Eric Brogan
Sales Manager

Eric started working at Auto Paint Guard in 2018. He began installing window tint for 30 years and paint protection for 15 years. His hobbies are: Enjoys hanging out with his wife and two kids. If you can’t find him at his daughter’s soccer game he is probably modifying his Trackhawk or smoking some good food.

Auto Paint Guard’s Installers

Justin Clark
started in 2011

Justin was trained by Ryan Burroughs and certified by Xpel.

His hobbies and interests include bowling in a league, hanging out with family and friends, and enjoy watching sporting events such as football, basketball, and golf.

Trevor Parham
started in 2013

Trevor was trained by Ryan Burroughs and certified by Xpel.

His hobbies include playing both Hockey and Bowls in a league. When not at work or being a sports buff he enjoys traveling with his wife.

Taylor Nalls
started in 2014

Taylor was trained by Ryan Burroughs and certified by Xpel.

His hobbies are: Enjoys running, traveling, trail riding in his jeep and anything outdoors.

David Lee
started in 2015

David has been installing window tint for 32 years.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. If you can’t find David at work or with his family he is serving our country with the National Guard.

Jacob Tactuk
started in 2019

Jacob was Certified by Xpel and is in the process of being trained by Ryan Burroughs.

He enjoys working-out and studying politics and science. Jacob serves our country with the National Guard.

Auto Paint Guard’s Partners

Billy Aylward
Owner of Presidential Detailing

Billy started in 2007 and specializes in paint correction and ceramic coatings. When not working long hours, he’s chasing his two sons around along with his wife. Enjoys biking, racing cars and attending church every Sunday with friends.

Michael Good
Owner of The Dent Company

Michael started in 2001 and he specializes in Paintless Dent Repair. When he’s not bending metal back to new again he’s enjoying the outdoors with his wife and daughter. He will also shoot below par golf when time permits.

Gabe Medina
Presidential Detailing

Gabe works with Billy with Presidential Detailing and began with Auto Paint Guard in 2017. He is trained and certified in paint correction and application of ceramic coatings. He enjoys cycling, racing cars and attending car events across the country.