Auto Detailing Service

Auto Paint Guard  offers a wide variety of detailing services for your brand new or older vehicle. Below is a price guide for our most popular services.
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One Step Paint Correction Machine Polish - Detailing Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard

One-Step Paint Correction Machine Polish

After we wash and clay bar the vehicle this process will remove light oxidation, light scratches and swirl marks which will improve the gloss and depth of the vehicles finish. Estimated time 4-6 hours.

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Two Step Paint Correction Machine Polish - Detailing Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard

Two-Step Paint Correction

Will remove approximately 85% of all defects.  The level of defect removal is dependent upon the hardness of your vehicle’s clearcoat. In most cases, this level of polishing will remove a majority of the defects, leaving only the more severe blemishes, defects and deep scratches. Estimated time 1-2 days.

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Full Paint Correction Restoration - Defect Removal Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard

Full Paint Correction / Restoration

For highest defect removal and clarity possible. Every panel is inspected under specific lighting to see the true condition of clear coat finish. Every painted surface is carefully polished to achieve the absolute best finish and clarity possible. This includes light scratches, oxidation, water-spotting, deep swirls, wash scratches and other factory defects requiring professional attention. Estimated time 2-3 days.

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New Car Protection

Often times, brand new cars come with many blemishes and defects left unfinished from the factory. When you drop your car off with us, we take the time necessary to find and remove these defects in the safest way possible, leaving your paint finish looking BETTER than it was the very first time it left the assembly line!

Starting at $1600 (Includes Light Polish With XPEL FUSION)

Wheels Off Treatment

This treatment starts with removing the wheels and thoroughly cleaning the wheels, calipers and inner fender plastics. Once everything is cleaned we apply the ceramic coatings to the wheels and brake calipers. This will allow for much easier cleaning and prevents brake dust build up.


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Ceramic Paint Coatings

Ceramic coating can be applied to your corrected paint or paint protection film which is a ceramic barrier between your paint/film and the harsh environment.   The coating protects the surface in a way so contamination will not stick to the surface which allows for easier and safer cleaning. The ceramic coatings are far superior to traditional waxes and sealants as they can last up to 5 years. The coatings not only give the paint more depth, shine, and a glossier look, but it reduces swirl marks, graffiti, dirt, aging, premature oxidation, bird droppings, prevents love bug damage and acid rain.  

Coatings Available

After years of testing different brands of ceramic coatings on paint and paint protection film, we have found out XPEL FUSION is hands down our favorite coating on the market. FUSION is a one-time application that will protect your paint finish for up to seven years with very minimal maintenance. The only maintenance required is washing the vehicle on a regular basis, which becomes a much easier task than washing a car that without the coating. FUSION can only be applied to a vehicle that has been polished to perfection or newly installed paint protection film.

XPEL FUSION with light polish – Starting at $1400
XPEL FUSION with two-step – Starting at $1800
XPEL FUSION with full correction – Starting at $2200