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We work on more Porsche’s than any other brand of vehicle we deal with. Not only do we have a strong Porsche customer base, we also directly work with Porsche of Tampa and Bert Smith Porsche. Below is some general information on the services we offer for your car and the most popular packages our Porsche customers choose.

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Paint Protection Film – Porsche

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is designed to stop rock chips, love bugs, and any road debris from damaging the paint of the vehicle. Below are our most popular options for Porsches:

Daily drivers or weekend cars: For this type of driving, most customers go with a full front which includes full hood, full fenders, mirrors, bumper and a section behind the rear wheels. This gives the perfect amount of protection and peace of mind while cruising down the highway.

Track Cars: For the Porsche that is going to hit the track we recommend a little more protection. The most popular set up for a track car is full front, mirrors, extended rockers, behind rear wheels, leading edge of roof and pillars. We also recommend putting a 2nd layer in a few key areas for added protection and as well as to protect the main layer of film. For the car that is going to see a lot of track time, we can upgrade the standard 8 mil PPF to a 10 mil PPF for added strength.

  • Windshield Protection: This film is 4 mil thick and is made by Clear Plex. This product will stop sand blasting and chipping which can easily happen to your windshield.

Maximum Protection: More and more customers are coming in for this option which is entire car protected with big tear off layers in high prone areas. Whether you are going to be a weekend warrior or full-time track use, this is the way to go.

Headlight Protection? We get this question asked a lot. From 2012 to current, Porsche lenses have de-lamination issues with the clear coat. If you put film over the lenses, it protects it up to the day you remove the film. At that time there is a 50-50% chance of pulling clear. If you don’t protect the lenses, they get chipped and start to fade from the sun. Typically, we recommend daily drivers not cover them and track cars cover them.

Porsche Paint Protection Film Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard
Porsche Headlight Protection Film in Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard
Paint Protection Film Clear Bra - Partial - Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard

Standard Package offers partial front protection.

- Full Bumper
- Half Fenders
- Half Hood
- Mirrors

Paint Protection Film Clear Bra - Front Car - Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard

Full Front Package offers fullfront protection.

- Full Bumper
- Full Fenders
- Full Hood
- Mirrors
- Headlights/Foglights

Paint Protection Film Clear Bra - Track - Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard

Track Package offers ultimate front protection.

- Full Bumper
- Full Fenders
- Full Hood
- Mirrors
- Headlights/Foglights
- Rockers
- A-Pillars
- Edge Of Roof

Paint Protection Film Clear Bra - Full Car - Tampa Florida - Auto Paint Guard

Full Car Package is the ultimate in car protection. A great way to protect your investment to the fullest!

Paint Protection Film Brands We Carry


Most paint protection films come with a 5-10 year warranty. We typically recommend bringing the vehicle back in 4.5-5 years for an inspection of the film. Depending on use of car and how much sun exposure the film will have dictates on how long the film should stay on your car. If the car was driven hard and in the sun a lot we will recommend removing the film and replacing under warranty. If replacement is recommended, we will charge a removal fee, however the replacement will be covered under warranty.

Window Tint Options

We are currently stocking, Xpel, Suntek and 3M window films. We have most film shades which include 5%, 18%, 35%, 50%, 70%, 80% and 90%. 5% being Limo and 90% being a clear film. All legal shade films come with a lifetime warranty. Florida’s legal limit is 15% in the back half and 30% on the two front windows.

The most popular shade for Porsche owners is 30% sides and back using a high-end ceramic film. The 30% shade gives tons of heat rejection, able to show off interior and gives the car a classy look.

Ceramic Films – 51%+ TSER, 99% UV rejection – $300-$350.
Ceramic with IR Film – 60%+ TSER, 97% IR and 99% UV – $450-550.
Windshield in Clear only – $250.
TSER – (Total Solar Energy Rejected)
IR – (Infrared Rejection) Infrared light is primarily responsible for the heat you feel when driving.

Paint Correction – Ceramic Coatings

If you want high shine and very easy maintenance, this is what you want. We can apply the coating over the film, paint and wheels. Ceramic coatings are very popular for Porsches that wants to stand out at a car show or just easier rubber removal from a day at the track.

Even though your paint can be brand new, there are tons of blemishes left from the factory. We take the time to remove all swirls, sanding marks and other factory blemishes. This will bring out the depth in your paint. The next step is to use a ceramic coating which will give your paint more shine, higher gloss, and makes the paint hydrophobic and lastly will eliminate waxing up to 7 years.

Current Pricing:
Light Polish with XPEL FUSION – $1600
Two-Step with XPEL FUSION – $1800
XPEL FUSION applied to paint protection film on full front only – $250.
XPEL FUSION applied to paint protection film on entire car – $1000.

Installation Times

½ Front – paint protection film – 3-4 hours.
Full Front – paint protection film – Entire day.
Entire car wrap – 2-3 days.
Window tint – 3 hours on average. Can be installed while PPF is being installed.
Paint Correction with ceramic coatings – 1.5 days.