We have been installing paint protection film on Corvettes in the Tampa area for over 16 years. We also work with many of the local Corvette clubs and have installed hundreds of kits their cars. Below are the most popular options and our suggestions for paint protection on your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is designed to stop rock chips, love bugs, and any road debris from damaging the paint of the vehicle. It is an 8mil polyurethane plastic film that we apply to the front of the vehicle where the vehicle is at the biggest risk of receiving damage or to any part of the car that you would like protection.


Paint Protection Film Brands We Carry


Popular Porsche Packages

Full Front Paint Protection Film
Suntek CXP Ceramic Window Film
Full Rocker Panels and Rear Impact Areas (Important coverage for track days)
C.Quartz Finest Ceramic Coating


The film is warrantied for at least 5 years not to yellow, fade, fog or crack and we remove and replace the film after 5 years for just the cost of removal. We do this so that the film can be easily removed and stays looking great on your vehicle.



We thoroughly wash the area that we will be applying film.


Next we use a clay bar to remove all the micro contaminants in the paint and to get the paint surface as smooth as possible.


We then apply a silicone based sealant to the area that helps us apply the film and remove it later down the road.


Finally, we install the paint protection film. We wrap all the edges to make for a cleaner install and make the film as invisible as possible.

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