Clear Bra, Paint Protection Film Tampa

RAUH-Welt Porsche 964

All Custom Paint Protection Film
Our custom paint protection film work on a RAUH-Welt Porsche 964.
This is what happened when our customer hit a blown semi tire on the highway in his Lamborghini Huracan. Luckily we previously covered the entire car in Suntek Paint Protection Film.

This customer not only wanted full paint protection of his Huracan but he wanted to change the paint from gloss metallic white to matte white. We achieved this look by applying Xpel Stealth Paint Protection film the entire outside of the car.

This is the same high quality Xpel film as the Ultimate but is a clear matte. This changed the appearance of the paint from gloss to a satin matte color while still protecting the car from rock chips and love bugs.

The installation process of Stealth film is longer than normal film because we have to make sure to wrap every edge as much as possible to hide the gloss finish of the paint. If this is not performed correctly you will have seams that show the gloss paint through and this can look tacky and cheaply done. We make sure to take our time to be sure the film is installed correctly [...]

One of our customers brought us his custom 2016 Corvette Z06 with 1600 HP to get the entire car wrapped in Paint Protection Film. Needless to say, this thing was a monster!

Heat Blocking Window Tint

Keep the heat out of your car!


If you live in Florida, I’m sure there has been a time you got into your car after a long hot day and actually felt like you stepped into a sauna. Ever burned your hand trying to put on your seat belt before?

Well fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way! The best way to keep the heat out and keep your car cool is to install a quality window film that is designed for that reason.

We offer two different films that serve this purpose. These films are Suntek Carbon CXP Ceramic, and 3m Crystalline.

Suntek Carbon CXP Ceramic Window Film blocks 44-56% Solar Energy & has 99% UV Rejection.

Not enough heat blockage for you? Step it up a notch to the best heat blocking film on the market, 3M Crystalline.

3M Crystalline not only blocks 50-56% of Solar Energy and has a 99% UV Rejection Rate, but it also blocks [...]

Not all paint protection film installers are the same. There are many factors and qualities that set us apart from the competition and I believe this shows in our work. We have been installing paint protection film for over 15 years and we strive to keep the same consistent quality of work for every car. We treat every car the same; whether it is a Maxima or a Mclaren we do not discriminate! All you have to do is take a look at some of our competitors work and the APG difference will be clear! You may find a lower price, but I promise the quality of work will not be the same.

Here are some pictures of the competitions work vs. our work…

Below are two pictures of film on the mirrors. The first is the competitions, on the second is after we removed the film and reinstalled it the correct way. Look at the [...]

Mclaren P1

Full Front with Rocker Panels Xpel Paint Protection Film

This beautiful Mclaren P1 received Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film on the full front of the vehicle along with the rocker panels. We used the same preparation before applying the film to this car as we do with every car: We carefully wash the areas where we are going to be applying film, clay bar the area to remove any micro debris and get the paint completely smooth, and then use a pre-installation spray wax that allows easy application and removal later down the road. We actually did a double layer of film on the areas of the rocker panels that sit right behind the front wheels because of how exposed they were to receiving damage from road debris and gravel from the tires. We wrapped all the edges possible for a clean install and to prevent the film from lifting down the road.

Our detail specialists washed and covered the vehicle with a high quality [...]

Tesla Full Front Paint Protection

Gtechniq Crystal Serum and 3M Crystalline Tint
This Tesla owner wanted nothing but the best for their new Model S 85D! They brought their brand new car in to have a dent removed using paintless dent repair, get a full paint correction, ceramic coating, full front clear bra, and full 3M Crystalline Window film.

Lexus RCF

Full Car Paint Protection
We recently covered this entire Lexus RCF with Paint Protection Film including the roof, rear bumper and doors.

Porsche Cayman GT4

Full Front and Track Package
We have had several Cayman GT4s in recently, most of which have gotten the full front and track package.
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